Lewis Latimer

The Lewis Latimer Installation

Our team motto is We Visualize. We Plan. We Create. and we have been fortunate to live by this motto every day in our community and headquarters Chelsea, MA.

Living & working in Chelsea we have discovered so much about our city, and a few of years ago we discovered Lewis Latimer born in Chelsea on September 4, 1848.


Lewis Latimer grew up to become an inventor, artist, poet, scientist and much more! Without his contributions, modern technology including the light bulb would not be the same. In fact, modern technology would be years and years behind were it not for his work.

Through grant funding provided by Chelsea Cultural Council, our team Visualized an installation that would improve the lighting in a not so well-lit public pathway and, an exhibit to further spread the word about Lewis Latimer.


We then proceeded to Plan and of course, a global epidemic paused all planning.

Still, we stuck to our Vision and Plan and when the right opportunity came, and with AWESOME collaboration, we went to Create.

Today outdoor solar powered lights hang over an alleyway found between Division Street and 4th street. These lights provide a safe and well-lit outdoor public corridor for all residents to enjoy. They also serve as a reminder of Lewis Latimer's contributions which we still experience today.


We know that Lewis Latimer was not just an inventor or scientist, he was also an artist and a highly skilled drawer. To honor this, we connected with illustrator Catherine Headen to create an animation that could communicate to all who Lewis Latimer was.


By living through our motto (and many edits), these animations were put together for you and the world to view and learn.

It is translated in Chinese, English, and Spanish, and we hope to translate it into other languages as well.


These animations will be on display at 456 Broadway Ave Chelsea, MA for all to see.

We hope you enjoy, learn, and spread the word about Lewis Latimer.

Huge Thank You To: